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    Choosing the correct golf ball for your game
    Titleist Pro V1 is the number one ball played on the PGA Tour.  So, should you be playing it? Not necessarily!

    When choosing a golf ball, we have to take into account things like launch angle and ball flight.  When I was a kid choosing which golf ball to use was a snitch.  Every Saturday morning, we use to go golf ball hunting and whatever balls we found we used.  We particular liked the balls with logos on, no doubt lost on corporate golf days.  As we improved and lowered our handicap we soon realised teeing up with a Ladies Pinnacle Gold was not the best ball on the market.

    Times have changed since my junior days and for the better.  Now the golf ball market is huge, there really is a ball designed specifically for your game. So, let’s decide how you choose the best ball for you.

  • Ball speed
    The guys from Titleist, who I’m sure know what they’re talking about believe ball speed is not a deciding factor when choosing a golf ball.   If you think logically about this it makes perfect sense.

    Firstly, ball speed is the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact.  If your ball speed with a driver is 168 mph you would choose a ball to suit.  As you know we normally only hit driver 14 times in one round.  So, what about all the other shots? If you hit 8 iron with a ball speed of 115 mph how can you use a golf ball which is specialised for 168 mph? In short you can’t.  You would need different balls tee shots, iron play and short game.

    To choose the correct ball we need to work form the green back to the tee.

    First hit a few putts to see if you like the feel of the ball from the putter.  Then chips to pitches and eventually all the way through your irons to driver.

    Launch angle
    If you are prone to hitting the ball high you will find a ball that lowers your flight and vice versa.  To be totally honest the best way to find a ball that suits your game is either experimentation or a ball fitting session.

    The fitting session would be my choice as it’s more time affective and less expensive.

    If you are a higher handicapper a ball that gives greater distance and straighter shots would be of greater benefit.  
    Lower handicappers tend to lean towards a ball that gives them better feel and more consistency.

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