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Golf Pull Trolleys

    Why should I use a push trolley?
    For years and years, I’ve carried my golf bag, in all weather, round all courses and all tournaments.  Never had an issue! Then one day I decided to borrow my wife’s push trolley.  What a difference!   I never realised how much energy was being sapped from my aging body by just carrying a lightweight golf bag.

  • I had the misconception that push trollies were for old folk or high handicappers, wrong.  When playing in a 36-hole tournament I noticed towards the end of the day my back was starting to ache.  I put this down to my poor mechanics and lacklustre timing.   I hadn’t contemplated it was lugging a carry bag about for best part of 9 hours that was causing my discomfort.

    Looking back, I was always dubious about golf trollies due to the old style pull trollies.   I had heard these caused more back discomfort than carrying and I wasn’t prepared to experiment.

    With the introduction of the new 3 wheeled push trollies getting your clubs round the course has never been simpler.  Sure, you could go down the electric trolley route, and I’m sure I will if I ever sell my sports car, but for now a push trolley does me fine.

    So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a golf trolley?

    1. Prevent or help with aging back and prevent injuries.
    2. You can use a bigger bag to store more drinks, food, waterproofs and kitchen sink if needed.
    3. When it’s raining your able to carry an umbrella easier than when carrying.
    4. Save huge amounts of energy which intern helps keep concentration during the round.
    5. You can pretend you have a rally car and skid your trolley round imaginary chicanes.
    6. Nowadays extremely stylish, robust and inexpensive.

    1. Takes more room up in your car.
    2. Navigating round tees, bunkers and greens.

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