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Mens Golf Irons

    Choosing a set of irons
    Contributing to the bulk of the 14 clubs in your bag will be your set of irons - a standard set going from 3 irons to a pitching wedge.

    Similar to our thoughts in regards to choosing a driver, our first tip is to not pick your irons solely on what they look like. We assume you're more interested in playing the part than looking the part although you can achieve both!

  • A key consideration should be given to your level of experience in the game. Blade style golf irons - those with a smooth back - are less forgiving and are generally used by a more experienced player. This type of iron club head requires more precise ball striking skills, a set of skills that the beginner usually lacks. Conversely, irons with a cavity back are more commonly used amongst amateur’s due to the perimeter weighting attribute. Simply put you can get away with hitting a ball outside of the centre of the clubhead (sweet spot).

    Shafts of course play a huge part when choosing set of irons. Players with slow clubhead speeds will gain more from the irons with graphite shafts. Most manufactures will offer the same model in steel and graphite, with graphite being more expensive.

    With regards to shaft flex see Union Golfs comments on the driver section.

    Loft, Lie and Length
    Gone are the days when buying a set of golf irons “one fits all.” Now days clubs are built to your frame and posture.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger would not use the same set of irons as Danny DeVito, at least I hope he wouldn’t.

    If you’re tall or short, and/or have an unusually shallow or steep swing, this needs to be accounted for when being custom fit with a set of irons. Using a set of irons that are too long or too upright can cause the heel of the club to dig into the turf turning the face closed, end result, pulls to the left.

    Irons that are too short and flat cause the toe of the club to catch the turf first, opening the club face which results in shots to the right. Neither scenario is great.

    To avoid disappointment book yourself into your local pro who will then take the necessary measurements to furnish you with a set of golf clubs tailor made for you.

    To find out more information on custom fit, please email

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